Northwestern Fence Lizard Photos – Yosemite Reptiles

If you will only see one reptile during your visit to Yosemite, I can pretty much guarantee you it will be this super common lizard. Anytime it’s remotely warm out, you’ll see them basking in the sun on rocks and fences (hence the name). Here are my best my northwestern fence lizard photos.

Posing on a rock - northwestern fence lizard photos
Northwestern Fence Lizard

You can literally find these “Bluebelly lizards” everywhere in California, though they do physically change in appearance from location to location. They get their nickname from the bright blue, iridescent strips that can be found on their undersides.

Bluebelly lizard on tree stump in California foothills
Darker variety

Tame Pets – Northwestern Fence Lizard Photos

These little guys are funny. They’re fast and hard to catch, but will never try to bite you once caught. If you start to rub their heads or gently “pet” them, they will quickly fall into a trance, closing their eyes and drifting off to la la l land! You can even flip them upside down at that point, they will just lay there, apparently hypnotized and frozen.

Yes, they just might be the easiest animals to tame. Actually, if you make a sudden movement and jolt them, they’ll quickly become alert and try to escape again. Haha.

On log in sunlight - northwestern fence lizard photos
Looks like studio lighting, but it’s not

Anyway, the first photo on this page was taken along the May Lake hike in summer. These others were captured near Evergreen lodge, just outside the park.

I noticed that the highest elevation (alpine) variety of these lizards are even less skittish. You can walk right up to them. They tend to be more striking in color and appearance as well. The blue features on them stretch up to their sides and even back as well.

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