Lundy Canyon Fall Colors- Eastern Sierra Gold

What a beautiful place! I ventured up and out of the park one day in October so I could finally check out the waterfall and autumn scenes here. Here are photos of Lundy Canyon fall colors adventure…

Sunstar through the canopy of golden autumn aspens - Lundy Canyon Fall Colors
Sunstar through the golden autumn aspens

Located just north of Yosemite National Park, Lundy Canyon can be accessed from Highway 395. Although it’s probably not fair to say this, I think if you had to choose just one time of year to visit, October would be it!

Canyon Landscape with rugged peaks and aspen trees below
Canyon Landscape

Golden Aspen Trees

If you have a bit of a flexible schedule, it pays to monitor the websites that post eastern sierra fall color updates. They often crowdsource firsthand info from other travelers.

Lundy Lake Road Through The Yellow Aspens - Lundy Canyon Fall Colors
Scenic Lundy Lake Road

Anyhow, the drive into Lundy Canyon through these yellow aspen trees was fantastic! I knew right away I was in for a treat.

The Lake – Lundy Canyon Fall Colors

Fishermen + boat - Lake view through the aspens
Lake view through the aspens

While the eastern Sierra tends to be a bit sparse and bleak, this time of year sees an explosion of color. I think these fishermen had the right idea out in their boat. Did I mention how perfect the weather was at this time, too? This lake and canyon is up at over 7,800ft.

Lundy Canyon Falls

Autumn Canyon - Lundy Canyon Fall Colors
Waterfall with Autumn Canyon

A relatively brief (and moderate) hike takes you up to scenic Lundy Canyon Falls. In fact, there is a set of two notable waterfalls right next to each other.

Twin Flowing waterfalls, long exposure
Twin Flowing Beauties

I used my heavy duty 10-stop ND filter and circular polarizer to take these long exposure photos in broad daylight. By the way, it took slight bit of bushwhacking to get right to the base of these falls.

Lundy Canyon Falls - Long exposure cascade
Graceful cascade

There was one other person there, and as chance would have it, she was also a solo photographer. We both had soaked, muddy shoes…and a good story to tell. Oh, the things we do for the shot…

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