Sonora Pass Waterfalls – Long Exposure Beauties on the Roadside

If you make it a point to head over Highway 108 just after it opens in the spring or summer, you won’t regret it. The Stanislaus River (as well as Deadman Creek) is swollen with snowmelt – resulting in beautiful, roadside cascades. Here are some of my favorite long exposure Sonora Pass waterfalls.

- Sonora Pass Waterfalls
Sonora Pass Waterfalls

I think more than any other of my galleries, this one shows precisely why HWY 108 ranks so high on my list of scenic Sierra drives. At this time, the alpine air is so crisp and fragrant…and the canyons seem to be brimming with vibrant, green life.

Rocky natural pool - Highway 108
Rocky natural pool

In addition to this, the patches of leftover snow on the peaks add some dynamic contrast to these sparse, exposed mountains.

Snowmelt, thundering over the rocks at Deadman Creek  - Sonora Pass Waterfalls
Snowmelt, thundering over the rocks

The best part is that these waterfalls are not difficult to locate – you’ll spot them right from the road. I found that afternoon was the ideal time to shoot, due to the position of the sun behind me. I always try to photograph waterfalls illuminated by sunlight, not washed out with the sun directly overhead.

Rock canyon falls, with bristlecone pine tree
Rock canyon falls, with bristlecone pine tree

Other Falls – Sonora Pass Waterfalls

Although the most beautiful falls were found roadside along Deadman Creek (before the pass), there are others. I did notice this stringy creek waterfall further east, near Leavitt Meadows Trailhead. I’m not certain, but it may be called “Little Wolf Creek”.

That reminds me, I believe this area is just past Leavitt falls. While I was not able to hike there on this trip, I certainly hope to return. I wonder why all those cars had filled up the trailhead lot!

Little Wolf Creek roadside falls - HWY 108
Long exposure of trickling falls along Highway 108, California

In closing, I hope you enjoyed these pictures…and that you get a chance to experience this high mountain Shangri-La for yourself! Be sure to check out more of my Sonora Pass photos

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