Olmsted Point Photos – High Sierra’s Best Roadside View

Probably the best place to pull over and admire the view in Tioga Road’s high country. The parking lot is large enough that you don’t need to wait for a spot, unless perhaps it’s the peak of peak summer weekend days. Here are my favorite Olmsted Point photos.

Granite rock scenery - Olmsted Point photos
Granite scenery at Olmsted Point

You’ll usually find plenty of tourists taking pictures and enjoying the crisp mountain air up here. I believe Olmsted Point is located at around 8,000ft in elevation.

 Tourists & parked cars at the vista
Tourists & parked cars at the vista

You can’t miss it; It’s located after the signs for May Lake, and just before Tenaya Lake…on your right. In fact, in these photos you can see Tenaya Peak, which site right over the lake.

Parking lot and Tenaya Peak in the distance - Olmsted Point Photos
Parking lot and Tenaya Peak in the distance

While it’s not considered one of Yosemite’s famous domes, one of the best things about Olmsted point is hiking up the granite “hill” behind it!

Small granite mountain and boulders above the lot - Olmsted Point Photos
Small granite mountain and boulders above the lot

My nieces and nephews are quite well traveled, but to give you an idea of how fun and scenic this area is, they could not stop raving about it after I brought them up here! The highlight of their year, for sure. 

It might be an easy 10 or 15 minute walk up the granite, but the panoramas from up there are well worth the effort. You’ll be treated to unique views of Half Dome, as well as beautiful, blue Tenaya Lake if you climb high enough.

Bristlecone pines – some of the oldest living things on earth

Add to this the fascinating Bristlecone pine trees you’ll see on the way, and you’ll want to bring your friends and family here in the future for sure.

Half Dome Sunset View – Olmsted Point Photos

Lone tree sunset with dramatic, golden light on the granite face

In case you were wondering, this is a great spot to take photos of the fading sunlight on Half Dome. Even better if you have a zoom lens. 

Looking west (ish) to sunset on Half Dome

There’s nothing like watching the golden light wash over the face, and then slowly fade away, revealing a stunning, star-studded Sierra sky (especially on a moonless night!)

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