Yosemite Trails – Backcountry Hiking Photos

Sometimes I wonder if this park contains some of the most famous backcountry hikes in the world. Here are some Yosemite trails photos, with specific emphasis on terrain and hiking path infrastructure. Please keep in mind that these are just a few of the most scenic and memorable treks in the park.

Rocky Alpine hiking path - Yosemite Trails
Rocky Alpine Trail

May Lake Hiking Trail

The May Lake trail photo above may be my favorite I’ve taken anywhere in Yosemite. The hiking path up to this alpine gem has many unforgettable stretches of open, rocky terrain.

May Lake & Mt Hoffman View along trail
May Lake & Mount Hoffman View

It’s relatively short but moderate climb, and drops you off at the beautiful shore of May Lake. This is definitely one of my top recommendations for Tioga Road treks. Adventurers can also continue climbing to see the Mount Hoffman panorama above.

North Dome Hike – Yosemite Trails

Dirt Path to North Dome, through Forest - Yosemite Trails
Beautiful forest trail

Speaking of which, the North Dome trail is about twice the distance, but also quite memorable. This hike takes you through a variety of terrain, from shady forests to exposed granite rock – overlooking the valley below.

Upper Yosemite Falls Hiking Trail

Handrail and trail views on Upper Yosemite Falls hike
Views are worth the effort

While the Upper Yosemite Falls trail is considered one of the most brutal and unforgiving, it is ironically also one of the most loved. The stretch of rock path above shows how dizzying portions of the route can be.

Mist Trail Hike – Yosemite Trails

Paved path and rock wall on mountainside - Yosemite Trails
Paved path and rock wall on mountainside

I think the Mist Trail is one of Yosemite’s most famous “real” hikes. Although it’s certainly no slouch, it doesn’t punish visitors quite the same way that Upper Yosemite Falls trail does. This is somewhat of a “bonus route”, because it contains not one, but two waterfalls – Vernal & Nevada Falls.

While these photos focus on the paths and walkways themselves, of course I have galleries for each of these destinations as well. Check the “Landscapes” menu tab at the top of the page for more info.

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