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Shooting Yosemite editorial & lifestyle is a lot of fun. Not only do people come to this park from all over the world, but they’re incredibly happy to be here. I call this “The Yosemite Effect”, and it’s infectious. However, I’ll share more about that later. Here are photos with links to more editorial categories…

Yosemite Editorial – People & Lifestyle

Backcountry hikers on the granite rock, on their way to Half Dome
Backcountry hikers on their way to Half Dome

Hiking in Yosemite’s backcountry is at once a grueling and incredibly rewarding experience. I captured behind the scenes photos of hikers along the way.


Tourist crowd at famous Tunnel View in May - Yosemite Editorial
Tourist crowd at famous “Tunnel View” in May

As you can see, Tunnel View is one of Yosemite’s most popular attractions. My tourists series features people from all over the world enjoying the park.


Glacier Point Photographer with tripod waiting for best light on Half Dome
Glacier Point Photographer with tripod, focused on Half Dome

While landscape photographers do tend to be loners, we share a common bond…and it gets lonely out there. It’s nice to meet photographers from many countries, and share location and settings tips. In this “behind the scenes” series, I capture them capturing the beauty of the park.

Taking Selfies

Chinese tourists taking a "selfie" in front of Bridalveil Fall - Yosemite Editorial
Chinese tourists taking a “selfie” with Bridalveil Fall

Like them or hate them, selfies are our new reality. This editorial selfie series features tourists taking matters (their vacation photos) into their own hands.

Rock Climbers

Rock climber scaling a granite face near Camp 4
Rock climber scaling a granite face near Camp 4

Of course Yosemite National Park is one of the most famous rock climbing destinations in the world. Although I don’t have too many rock climber photos yet, I will soon…

Yosemite Editorial – Vehicles & Roads

Line of tourist cars parked along Sentinel Meadow, with Yosemite Falls View - springtime
Tourist cars parked along Sentinel Meadow, with Yosemite Falls View

This section features tourist cars and valley traffic. Even though the photo above doesn’t show too many cars, at the peak of summer Yosemite’s roads turn into a parking lot. It can take 4 hours or more just to reach an exit to leave!

Yosemite Editorial – Natural Disasters

The park deals with its fair share of catastrophes. Living near the valley, I suffered through the smoke of the Ferguson fire in 2018. As a matter of fact, I also visited Yosemite back in 1997, soon after the worst flood in its history.


Flooded Sentinel Meadow in Spring
Flooded Sentinel Meadow in Spring

Here you’ll see the wooden walking path over Sentinel Meadow in spring. It was partially flooded due to high snowpack during the previous winter. This is light flooding, but here are more flood photos.

Wildfires / Fire Prevention

Fire prevention crew using controlled burns - Yosemite Editorial
Fire prevention crew using controlled burns

In light of worsening fire seasons (the Rim Fire comes to mind), prevention crews have been conducting countless controlled burns around the park. This forest fires album is dedicated to these brave men & women, and the strategic (and beneficial) fires they set.

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