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Although the park doesn’t have any truly massive bridge structures, it certainly does have many scenic, smaller ones. Quite a few feature beautiful archways and / or stone construction. Here are some of my photos of Yosemite bridges, taken around the park.

Small Falls Below Tamarack Creek Bridge
Small Falls Below Tamarack Creek Bridge

Most visitors drive right over scenic Tamarack Creek bridge without giving it a second glance. I suppose this easy to do when you have nearby Cascade Falls as a roadside distraction. In any case, this bridge features a lovely concrete arch spanning a cool, lush creek canyon.

Pohono Bridge

Stone Pohono Bridge- Yosemite bridges
Fall colors at Pohono Bridge

Without a doubt, this is the most famous of the Yosemite bridges – at least as far as photographers are concerned. While it’s still quite nice to visit in any season, summer is probably the least photogenic.

Berg Bridge

Tourists Crossing Berg Bridge, with High Water in Spring
Tourists Over The Water

The classic wood and stone design of this bridge seems fitting for a western national park. Here you’ll notice the Merced river almost approaching flood levels. This was during a warm spring, with abundant snowmelt from the previous heavy winter.

Berg Bridge Crossing the Merced River in May
Merced Riverbanks

This is a nice walk, connecting you to brief trails such as the sentinel / cooks meadow loop, and Lower Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Creek Stone Arch – Yosemite Bridges

Enchanting stone archway over Yosemite Creek - Yosemite bridges
Enchanting stone archway

Also nearby is this charming little stone bridge over Yosemite Creek. I took this in early spring, as might be apparent by the young buds on these branches.

Not pictured here is Sentinel Bridge. It’s probably famous more so for its beautiful view of Half Dome & the Merced River. Not so much for the design or look of the structure itself.

Here are more pictures of beautiful Pohono Bridge.

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