Yosemite Hikers – Candid Editorial From The Trails

Welcome to the park’s scenic backcountry, to compliment my hiking trails gallery, I figured I should also add an editorial album featuring people. Here are photos of Yosemite hikers – visitors or all ages and nationalities.

Group of backcountry hikers trekking to Half Dome - Yosemite Hikers
Group of backcountry hikers

This first image comes from the vista at North Dome, although the group above is actually trekking over the granite surface en route to Half Dome. I captured this image zoomed in from way across the valley.

Men Climbing Large Boulder Through Trees - Yosemite Point
Men Climbing Boulder

The photo of young men above comes from Yosemite Point. These hikers made the grueling trek all the way up above Yosemite Falls. There, they climbed to the top of a large boulder overlooking the valley.

Below, you’ll see a colorful group of hikers on the trail. There was still snow at the highest reaches here in late April.

Hiking group on snowy trail - Yosemite Point
Hiking group on snowy trail

Here you see a young couple sitting at the edge of Mirror Lake in early May. North Dome, mentioned earlier, can be seen in the distance.

Hiker couple sitting at edge of Mirror Lake, with North Dome in distance
Relaxing at the lakeside

The photo below was also captured at Yosemite Point. This backpacker man took his gear off so he could relax with some great views. I must admit I’m admit I’m a bit jealous of his brimmed hat. I just can’t seem to pull hats off for some reason. Anyhow, here is is using binoculars to scan for climbers on distant Half Dome.

Wilderness backpacker scanning the horizon with binoculars - Yosemite Hikers
Scanning the horizon

Glacier Point – Yosemite Hikers

This small group of teenage boys had climbed the Panorama Trail to Glacier Point. Here they are relaxing on a rock outcropping overlooking the valley below.

Young climbers at rocky glacier point, along Panorama Trail
Young climbers with quite a view

I came across this nice middle aged couple along the upper Yosemite Falls trail. As you can see, this was an excellent time to visit this cascade (late April).

Couple in hats, admiring Yosemite Falls along steep trail
Couple admiring Yosemite Falls

Although the hikers on this steep trail are battling the constant urge to abandon the trek, the looks on their faces at the top tell a different story. It’s incredibly beautiful up here.

Lone hiker man sitting at sweeping valley view- Yosemite Hikers
Lone hiker on a ledge

Here’s a (surprisingly comfortable) young man sitting dangerously close to a precipice overlook. He was part of international group of hikers who were handsomely rewarded for their efforts on this beautiful spring day.

Hiker Group With Half Dome View, above Olmsted Point - B&W
Hiker Group With Half Dome View

This black and white shot features 3 backpackers who had climbed the granite mountain above Olmsted Point. While that is Half Dome in the distance, as you can see, this is a unique view looking from the east.

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