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Sometimes I wonder if this park may be the most popular photographic destination in the United States. It’s hard to turn a corner without running into somebody snapping photos. Here’s another of my editorial galleries – this time it’s Yosemite photographers.

Photographer man set up with camer gear and tripod at Glacier Point, Overlooking Half Dome
Shooting Half Dome From Glacier Point

One of the most popular destinations for photographers is the top of Glacier Point. The photo above is a bit of a rarity. There aren’t more tripods and cameras set up because this was taken on the road’s opening day.

Mirrorless Camera on tripod, with pink Half Dome sunset - Yosemite photographers
Camera equipment set up for Pink Half Dome sunset

This image of my gear with the fading sunset light on Half Dome shows why this location is so popular. I usually try to set up here an hour before sunset, on days with light clouds. Like many other park destinations, this one is good in spring (assuming the road is open then).

Woman composing portrait shot at Bridalveil Fall - Yosemite photographers
Kneeling photographer composing Bridalveil Fall Shot

Here we have a photographer woman with a light-duty tripod and DSLR. I tend to use lightweight gear as well. Being more mobile is be quite important to me. I just keep the strap (loose) around my neck while I shoot. This is just in case the camera happens to get bumped or blown by a gust of wind.

Blue sunset silhouette of man with camera gear - Yosemite photographers
Capturing the perfect park sunset

This beautiful photographer silhouette was captured up at Olmsted Point, along Tioga Road. This man was (obviously) shooting at sunset. If you look closely on the left side you can make out the hump of Half Dome.

Lifestyle, Tripod & Camera Gear Photos – Yosemite Photographers

DSLR camera & tripod setup, with smooth waterfall over log
Compact full frame shooting small waterfall

I figured I should also include some commercial friendly camera gear & lifestyle shots. The image above is my mirrorless camera setup on a small tripod. I was shooting long exposures along a trailside creek.

Photography theme camera gear setup, with starburst sunset in California foothills
It’s a rough life for us photographers

This gorgeous camera & tripod sunset silhouette was taken along Old Priest Grade Road, near the Groveland foothills. Not many Yosemite photographers know about this secret spot. I suppose it could be because it’s technically outside the park.

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