Yosemite Rock Climbers – Editorial Photos

While I obviously don’t have many images in this gallery, I do plan on adding more in the future. However, I hope you’ll enjoy these few photos of Yosemite rock climbers just the same. Many outdoor enthusiasts agree the high Sierra is home to some of the most world’s best climbing rocks.

Man doing an ascent with ropes & safety harness - Yosemite rock climbers
Climber with ropes & safety harness

These images were shot at the granite faces near famous “Base Camp 4”. I believe there was a rock climbing class or some kind of instruction taking place. The students use safety helmets and climbing ropes as they negotiate up the “route”.

I used to do my fair share of free climbing, though nothing compared to the legendary daredevils of Yosemite. Still, sometimes I look back on some of the faces I climbed without ropes, and it’s hard to believe. I’d like to think I’m just too sensible now.

Climbing a granite face near base camp 4
Pondering his next move

The man above was learning, and even received applause from the group below once he reached the top. This almost appeared to be a type of bouldering, but I don’t know how the classifications work.

El Capitan – Yosemite Rock Climbers

Group of climbers high on an El Capitan ledge - telephoto zoom
Look at those tiny adrenaline junkies

Having a super telephoto lens comes in very handy in situations like the one below. I actually took this photo of El Capitan climbers wayyyy up on a ledge. Nobody with their naked eyes even knew they were there. However, I scanned the rock face with my 600mm telescope-like lens and spotted them.

As mentioned previously, I do hope to shoot more editorial of Yosemite rock climbers soon. There are so many opportunities in world famous climbing destination like this.

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