Yosemite Tourists – Editorial Photos From Walking Paths & Viewpoints

After all my visits to the park over the years, one of my favorite things to do is observe the joy on the faces of all the Yosemite tourists. While they may have similar scenery in their home countries, they’re usually the first to admit that there’s nothing quite like Yosemite.

Couple walking, silhouette with Half Dome view - Glacier Point
Now that’s quite a first date

Here’s a late afternoon silhouette of a couple strolling along the path to the Half Dome View at Glacier Point.

The young blonde women below were sitting admiring this view of Bridalveil Fall. This was captured at Tunnel View.

Blonde girls looking at Bridalveil Fall - Editorial Photos of Yosemite Tourists
Sisters (Or Possibly Friends?)

Speaking of which, here’s a small tourist crowd at Tunnel View in mid May. This viewpoint gets so much crowded as the summer season begins, and it’s ironic – because the crowds grow as the falls dry up. Haha.

Tunnel View Crowds in spring - Photos of Yosemite Tourists
Tunnel View Crowds

Open Air Tram – Yosemite Tourists

Below you’ll see a large group of tourists riding in an open air tram on the Yosemite Valley Floor Tour. This 2 hour ranger-led excursion switches to heated coach buses when the weather is too chilly.

Tourist tram on the road through the valley meadows in May
Tourist tram on the road through the valley in May

Either way, tourists are treated to stunning, panoramic views of the park along the drive. Now that’s my kind of tour bus!

Tour group on bus (closeup) - Photos of Yosemite Tourists
Tour group on bus (closeup)

Below is a tour group hearing a lecture about the history of the Merced river and Yosemite Valley. Right in front of Bridalveil Fall at peak flow in spring – it’s not a bad place to stop if you ask me!

Tour group in sun, by Bridalveil Fall - Photos of Yosemite Tourists
Tour operator giving lecture

Further north, up in the high country, these international tourists have pulled their cars over at Olmsted Point. This popular overlook along Tioga Road is the first major stop when you’re driving east.

Olmsted Point Parked Cars + International Tourists
Olmsted Point Cars + Tourists

Here you see Asian and Indian families, as well as children studying the diorama.

Fashionable Asian Tourists Eating at Cafe (Base Camp eatery)
Fashionable Tourists Eating at Cafe

Above you’ll see group of friends eating outdoors with a view of Yosemite Falls overhead. This cafe is called “Base Camp Eatery”, and has been recently remodeled.

Visitors at Mariposa Grove - dressed warm on a rainy spring day
People dressed warm on rainy spring day

Finally, here’s a group of tourists in awe of a giant sequoia tree’s exposed roots. This fallen tree can be seen at the Mariposa Grove along Highway 41.

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