Yosemite Tourist Selfies – Editorial Photo Gallery

Ah, the selfie. Funny to think kids today have no idea that the word was only just invented about a decade ago. “Back in my day, we used to have to ask strangers to take a picture of us. Strangers!” Ha. Anyhow, while Asia may have normalized it (and the use of selfie sticks), it certainly is a worldwide phenomenon now. Here’s another editorial gallery – Yosemite tourist selfies.

Couple taking a photo, sitting on ledge at Tunnel View - tourist selfies
This couple doesn’t seem too concerned with the waterfall

I suppose the act of taking a selfie was around even before smartphones with front-facing cameras. However, it was a lot more difficult with a standard camera. You could easily lose your grip and drop your gear. While our phones are more or less drop proof, old school cameras were not.

Posing With Waterfalls – Tourist Selfies

Indian man taking a selfie with Yosemite Falls while balanced on a log
Indian tourist, posing with Yosemite Falls

Anyhow, Yosemite is no stranger to tourist selfies. You can find people of all stripes posing with the valley’s famous icons and waterfalls. Tunnel View is probably the biggest selfie hotspot, followed by Yosemite Falls and Glacier Point.

I took all the photos on this page at the very opportune time of spring. The As you can see, the falls are in full force around the valley at this time.

Young Chinese couple taking a picture at Tunnel View - Yosemite tourist selfies
Happy Chinese couple selfie, with Bridalveil Fall

I do remember a time when nobody in the U.S. would be caught dead using a selfie stick. People thought it was so tacky and embarrassing. Asians were the first to really embrace this convenient tool. They realized it helps take our vacation photos to a whole new level.

Now I think the newest smartphones have portrait blur modes and super wide group photo settings. This of course puts even greater pressure on the dwindling standalone camera market.

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