Yosemite Wildfires & Fire Prevention Crews

Living so close to the park, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these fire prevention workers. I really struggled with smoke from the Ferguson fire on my property. Anyway, here are some photos of Yosemite wildfires, and forest fire themes.

Cal Fire workers setting designated piles on fire- Yosemite wildfires
Setting designated piles on fire

After last year’s brutal wildfire season, these crews were out in full effect preparing for the next one. Park visitors may have noticed all the cut logs stacked out in the fields near El Capitan. These piles were then set ablaze intentionally by the workers. Controlled burns help reduce the available fuel for (unintentional) forest fires in the future.

Thermals rising off the burn piles, with fire prevention worker in distance.
Surreal Firefighter Scene

I loved how the radiant heat distorted the photo above. It almost looks like an intentional Photoshop effect. Below, you’ll see a smoky forest scene with El Capitan rising above.

Controlled Burn Piles – Yosemite Wildfires

Smoky Forest Trees With El Capitan - Yosemite wildfires
Smoky Forest Trees With El Capitan

These smoldering logs were found directly on an open trail. I was surprised to see it burning with nobody attending to it. I suppose it’s a testament to the research and skill of these Cal Fire teams. They know what is safe and what isn’t.

Thick smoke through trees, on valley floor - El Capitan above
Thick smoke on valley floor

I think I took these photo in May, and cross my fingers – there hasn’t been a bad wildfire so far this summer. I really couldn’t escape the smoke last year. Even tried heading up to camp on Highway 4, to the north. It was still smoky there, as well as on Highway 108.

Smoke from controlled burn piles in Yosemite Valley
As seen from a distance

I was incredibly grateful when the Cal Fire teams finally got the blazes under control. The best part was that I had the chance to thank some of them personally when I was shopping for groceries in town. Mountain communities like the one I live in would truly be screwed without their sacrifice and bravery.

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