Yosemite Falls Photos

3 tiered Yosemite Falls is undoubtedly the highlight for many park visitors. While the sheer size alone is enough to leave a lasting impression on you, in terms of visiting, some times of year certainly are better than others. Below are some other seasonal Yosemite Falls photos to illustrate my point.

Yosemite Falls Photos - walkway and Sentinel Meadow in May
Yosemite Falls and Green Sentinel Meadow Walkway

For example, the photo above shows the waterfall at its heaviest flow in May.

Yosemite Falls Photos – Seasons

Winter may be a magical time to visit the park, but it’s the low season in terms of water flow and waterfall viewing. The photos below show Yosemite Falls in winter.


Upper Yosemite Falls Closeup With Winter Trickle
Upper Yosemite Falls Closeup With Winter Trickle

By December, the waterfall has slowed to a trickle. While it’s still beautiful, it certainly doesn’t have the same effect as seeing it earlier in the year.

Light winter flow, portrait orientation
Light Winter Flow (December)

In fact, some visitors may have a hard time even spotting the falls at this time of year.

Yosemite Falls & Merced River in Winter Snow
Yosemite Falls & Merced River in Winter Snow

Still though, some winter seasons are better than others. The photo below was taken during December as well, but during the previous year. The water flow here was a bit heavier, providing a more scenic winter photo.

Yosemite Falls Photos - Warm Winter Afternoon
Yosemite Falls on a Winter Afternoon

I suppose this is due to a warmer winter, or a more substantial rainy season.

Spring Flow

Full view of Upper Yosemite Falls with Lower Falls - spring (May)
Upper Yosemite Falls in View with Lower Falls

The peak flow season for this waterfall (and all the rest) is spring. Certainly by the first few hot days of the season, the melting snow from the high country comes thundering down to the valley.

Walkway View From Sentinel Meadow - portrait orientation - Yosemite Falls Photos
Walkway & Yosemite Falls View From Sentinel Meadow

As a matter of fact, there is so much water flow at this time of year that these green marshes can even overflow onto the tourist walkways (see my flood photos for examples).

Walking Path, Fence, & waterfall in spring
Walking Path, Fence, & Yosemite Falls in spring

Yosemite Falls Photos – Closeups

Closeup of yosemite falls - peak flow in May - portrait orientation
Closeup of peak flow in May

It’s awe inspiring to see this much water come dumping down to the base of the falls. These closeup photos give you some kind of idea. However, it can be dangerous…due to the force of gravity (and slippery rocks!).

Heavy flow and mist near base of upper falls

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