Yosemite Fine Art Photography

Below is a small collection of my Sierra & Yosemite fine art photography. While the majority of these photos were taken in the park itself, I have also included a few from locations nearby in the Groveland foothills.

Smooth flowing Dana Fork, Tuolumne River - Yosemite Fine Art Photography
Smooth flowing Dana Fork, Tuolumne River

B&W Fine Art Photography

Bear in mind that I also have a separate black and white gallery, the links will be posted at the bottom of the page.

Soft Fog Rolling in Over a Sparse Hillside - Groveland Foothills - B & W
Soft Fog Rolling in Over a Sparse Hillside

The photographs feature the changing seasons. The hot, dry, (mostly) cloudless summer eventually gives way to moody monsoon storms that roll in, ultimately paving the way for cold winter snow storms.

Wintry Tuolumne River Forest Scene @ Evergreen Road
Wintry Forest Creek @ Evergreen Road

Just because the leaves flee the trees does not mean there’s no beauty to be found in December. It’s wonderful to arrive in the park just after a fresh, delicate blanket of snow falls upon the valley floor.

B&W winter trees on riverbanks at Swinging Bridge - Yosemite Fine Art Photography
Soft Winter Branches Over Fallen Log

From lookouts such as “Tunnel View”, you’ll have a bird’s eye view to observe the fog creeping through the fir and pine trees below, though a zoom lens is required for tight crops such as this.

Creeping Valley Fog In Forest Trees - B&W
Creeping Valley Fog In Trees – B&W

Although these foggy forest scenes do look nice in black and white, I almost prefer the color version shown further down the page.


This was quite a special moment to capture. One of the earliest snowstorms of the season caught this dogwood tree just before it dropped its leaves for the winter.

Car trails over Pohono Bridge with winter snow - Yosemite Fine Art Photography, Long Exposure
Fall Color + Winter Snow – All In One

The blanket of powdery snow on Pohono Bridge compliments the long exposure taillights of the passing car (which conveniently illuminated the forest ahead with its headlights). Of course, there was obviously a certain amount planning involved in a shot like this.

Soft forest fog in the trees (closeup) - Yosemite Fine Art Photography
Delicate Forest Scene

Here is the image I mentioned earlier. I love the soft, whispy nature of this capture – almost reminiscent of a painting. The muted greens of these trees subtly penetrate the fog, providing an etherial, evocative forest scene.

Fallen Log Over Long Exposure Creek Falls
Fallen Log Over Long Exposure Creek Falls

I believe I took this long shutter photo along the Cathedral Lakes hike on Tioga Road. As mentioned in my long exposure gallery, smaller falls and creeks are best suited for this style of photography in the park.

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