Best Yosemite Hotels – In & Around The Park

While you may think finding accommodations in the park would be a piece of cake, you’d be wrong. After all, a record number of tourists visit – every single year. If you plan on staying during the summer months (as most people do), lodging of any kind is pretty much non-existent. However, if you plan far ahead, you can reserve one of the best Yosemite hotels. Here are my recommendations.

Evergreen Lodge

Evergreen Lodge Sign - Best Yosemite Hotels
Evergreen Lodge Strikes The Perfect Balance

Although it’s technically outside the park, in my opinion Evergreen Lodge has everything a savvy Sierra hotel should. The grounds are rustic, but tasteful. The restaurant and bar are well stocked and staffed. Reviews are fantastic.


The Ahwahnee

Honestly, there are very few hotels inside the park. In fact, there may only be one – but it’s pretty incredible. The Ahwahnee Hotel is the ultimate in swanky, upscale “wilderness” lodges. However, you pay a premium for it. This is the only hotel I recommend people to visit, whether they are guests or not! It’s a destination in and of itself.


Best Yosemite Hotels – Rush Creek Lodge

While this is a relative newcomer, Rush Creek Lodge is actually the same owners as the Evergreen Lodge. Trust me, they know what they’re doing. This location is much more accessible to the park (just outside the entrance). It’s also a bit more upscale (& pricey).

Couples have rated this lodging very highly, but where it really shines is for families. You see, the property is quite large, and they offer many incredible activities. There’s a huge pool and hot tub, live music, and a large assortment of competitive games and jungle gyms for kids. They even have zip lines!

My brother tries to take his kids to Yosemite, but he can’t sneak past this hotel without them seeing it during the drive. Be warned, once you take your kids here for the day (you don’t even need to be guests), you will NOT be able to leave. Though the restaurant used to be quite good, I have noticed the quality slipping a bit recently. I hope that changes soon.


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