Yosemite Photography Workshop With Nathan Allen

This is an idea I had after my 50th visit taking pictures in the park. Of course, during all that time I learned a great deal about when and where to shoot. At this point I probably have a nice little arsenal of tips and tricks up my sleeve. For this reason, I’m considering hosting a Yosemite photography workshop in the near future.

Camera & tripod setup photographing the iconic Half Dome sunset - Yosemite photography workshop
Camera & tripod setup photographing the iconic Half Dome sunset

For now I’m going to test the water – wait and see what kind of demand there is for a service like this. Potentially, the workshop could include transportation and lodging in or near the park.

Photo Tour Group in spring, with Bridalveil Fall - portrait
Photo Tour Group With Bridalveil Fall

Our group would embark on a photo tour of Yosemite, stopping at strategic locations. Certainly, we would choose the most opportune time for lighting, scenic beauty…etc.

Tips and Tricks – Yosemite Photography Workshop

Course would cover composition, settings, and use of necessary gear such as tripods + filters.

I like the idea of using photos I’ve already taken as a guide. Photographer attendees could choose some of their favorites, and as a group we can work to recreate the settings and locations for each scene.

Additionally, the tour could include off-the-beaten-path (and potentially unknown) photography spots within the park. While I’ve done my fair share of heavy duty shooting along the road (loaded with gear), I’ve also learned to lighten my load. This enables me to be incredibly mobile.

Mirrorless camera + tripod capturing long exposure creek waterfall
Capturing long exposure creek falls

This lends itself perfect for shooting in the backcountry, or sometimes even light to moderate rock climbing. This, of course, is quite challenging when laden with gear.

My compact / portable equipment suggestions may provide a good way for aspiring photographers to maintain a high level of quality. All the while setting themselves apart from the hordes of roadside park shooters.

As a matter of fact, I’ve had not one, but two photos purchased for print in National Geographic magazine. Would you believe they were taken by two separate pocket cameras?

Those famous, cliche photography quotes ring true: “The best camera is the one you have on you”…and “It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it.”

In closing, do contact me if you have interest in a Yosemite photography workshop. If the demand is high enough, I’d love to put some trips together.

Happy shooting.

-Nathan Allen

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– Nathan Allen

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