5 Reasons Spring is the Best Season To Visit Yosemite

April and May are unquestionably the ideal months to make a trip to the park. While of course I’ll list my reasons why, I imagine these Yosemite spring photos should speak for themselves….

Half Dome Green Meadow View - Yosemite Spring photos
Half Dome in early May

Yosemite Spring Photos Index

1. Green Meadows

As it’s plain to see in the photo above, one of the best things about spring is the lush growth all around the valley. For a brief window each year, the meadows are a vibrant green. Coupled with the surrounding granite features, it almost gives the park a “Sound of Music” (Swiss Alps) kind of feel…

2. Peak Waterfall Flow

Heavy flow of Yosemite Falls in May
Heavy flow of Yosemite Falls

Without a doubt, Yosemite is most famous for its abundance of waterfalls. The first few warm days of spring make for incredible flowing falls around the valley. Enjoy this scenery while it lasts – by late summer these cascades will have slowed to a trickle.

Bridalveil Fall & pink blossoms by Merced River
Bridalveil Fall & pink blossoms

3. Blooms – Yosemite Spring Photos

The wildflowers and tree blossoms are another wonderful aspect of springtime in Yosemite. I wish I could tell you what the beautiful pink blooms were in the photo above, but I do know that the pic below features white Pacific Dogwood flowers blooming in May.

Dogwood blooms detail - Yosemite Spring photos
Dogwood blooms

You’ll find these (extremely seasonal) beauties showing up for a few weeks in late spring. The easiest location to spot them is along the Merced River in the western half of the valley.

Bridalveil fall spring scene with flowering tree & Merced River
Bridalveil spring scene

These photo were taken at the Bridalveil Fall turnout on Northside Drive (before Valley View Yosemite). There is generally plenty of room to park at this time of year.

Illuminated Dogwood tree bloom with El Capitan
Dogwood tree with El Capitan

I’m so thrilled I happened to be in the park at this time – I look forward to coming back in May next year as well! I will bring friends and family, too. This place is just too incredible to keep to myself.

4. Great Weather

Yosemite creek bridge in springtime
Green bridge scene

How could I forget the temperate weather? Visitors from hot and sticky climates will appreciate Yosemite’s pleasant lack of humidity. Add to this the warm (but not hot) sunny days of spring, and it really is a perfect recipe.

5. Less Crowds

Tour group enjoying Yosemite Falls View
Tour group enjoying Yosemite Falls View

Finally, the lack of tourists in April and May is pretty much the best thing ever. Anybody who’s visited the park on a peak summer weekend can attest to this. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll see people, but it’s nothing compared to when school gets out – and family vacations are in full swing.

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