Yosemite Meadows Photo Gallery – Coming To Life in Summer

The famous meadows in the valley go green in the warming months of spring, but the truly stunning wildflower displays take place later in the lush, alpine fields of summer. Here is a small collection of Yosemite meadows in various locations.

Dazzling, lush Summit Meadow flowers - Yosemite Meadows Photos
Dazzling, lush Summit Meadow flowers

Summit Meadow

This gorgeous high sierra meadow can be found on your left, about half way up Glacier Point Road. The elevation here is so high that the real peak of wildflower blooms comes around late June.

Summit meadow log with June wildflowers
Decomposing tree providing nutrients

I never thought a decaying log could be so photogenic, but indeed it was! Haha. I took these photos next to a couple from Argentina. They were also in awe of these vibrant landscapes, though they did say that Patagonia has similar scenery.

Anyhow, Summit Meadow is easy to spot from the road – you’ll pass right by it.

Yosemite Meadows – Crane Flat

Crane flat meadow with yellow buttercups flowers in forest
Crane Flat buttercups

The Crane Flat meadow can be found on your right, just after you turn left onto Tioga Rd when coming in on Big Oak Flat road. I keep hoping I will see a picture perfect scene here with a bear, but the bear has yet to materialize.

Crane Flat Meadow Stones
Natural “Stepping” stones

Different colored flowers may appear at different times through the season, so keep an eye out if you make multiple trips. Yosemite goes through many detailed and subtle changes, shifts that photographers are probably a bit more in tune with.

Purple "shooting star" wildflowers in Crane Flat Meadow
Purple “shooting star” wildflowers

I am most familiar with Crane Flat meadows, as this is a region I frequently pass by on my way to Tioga’s high country.

Yosemite Meadows Photos – Below Cathedral Peak

Yellow buttercups wildflowers with Cathedral Peak - Yosemite meadows photos
Splash of yellow below Cathedral Peak

These little yellow Buttercups (flowers) were a welcomed addition to the scenery while doing the Cathedral Lakes hike in mid summer. I loved seeing such vibrant meadow flowers below one of my favorite peaks in the park.

Tuolumne Meadows

Tuolumne meadows green, grassy field
Lush summertime scene

Ah, of course…I couldn’t compile a list without mentioning the most famous green field of all. Tuolumne Meadows is a lovely pasture along Tioga Road. At a dizzying 8,650ft, this alpine meadow peaks later in the summer. I would guess around late July, but I can’t recall for certain.

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