Glacier Point Road Photos – A Drive To The Sky

This scenic road takes you all the way up to the top of the valley, where sweeping granite views await. Although it is closed seasonally, it seems to open sooner than Tioga each year. Here are some of my favorite Glacier Point Road photos.

Sharp curve and Half Dome view - Glacier Point Road Photos
One of the most scenic turns in the world

The famous “Half Dome Hairpin”

Although there seems to be jaw dropping scenery at every turn, in my mind there are two truly “wow” moments for tourists driving through Yosemite.

Overview of Glacier Point Rd hairpin turn and Half Dome on cloudy day
Still stunning, even when overcast

One is witnessing the incredible view that opens up at the end of the Wawona Tunnel. The other is the stunning Half Dome and granite valley views this sharp turn on Glacier Point Rd offer. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen an accident there yet – it’s so easy to become hypnotized by the view!

Rock trail and granite surroundings
Rock trail near Glacier Point

That section of road is near the top, where you can park and start to explore. Glacier Point is a well known lookout, popular with tourists and professional photographers alike.

Tourists and photographer at Half Dome lookout
Patiently waiting for the shot

As a matter of fact, you’re likely to find seasoned photographers camping out up here, waiting for the “golden hour” light to hit Half Dome just right.

Pink sunset light on Half Dome, at Glacier Point
Pink sunset light

Bikes Only – For One Week Each Year

I was surprised to recently learn that Glacier Point Road opens to bikes each season before it does cars. That’s right, for just one week each May (generally), bicyclists are given free reign – with no worry of sharing the road with larger and more dangerous vehicles.

As there is plenty of leftover snow at higher elevations at this time, it struck me as odd. It’s also a pretty brutal road to climb on a bike. In any case, I think that’s pretty cool. Apparently they do the same thing each year on Tioga Road.

Tourist couple walking & enjoying the Half Dome view - Glacier Point
Tourist couple enjoying the view

Although the parking lots Glacier Point are sizeable, at summer’s peak it can be tough to find a spot. I recommend going around the waiting cars (if possible). You can skip to the upper lot where you’re more likely to park right away.

Yes, it’s 100 feet of extra walking to Glacier Point, but I think you’ll live.

Glacier Point Road Photos – Meadows

Anyhow, during the the long, winding drive up, keep an eye out for this lush beauty on your right…

Summit Meadow wildflowers in spring - Glacier Point Road
Green meadow with colorful wildflowers

In the mid to late summer, high elevation Summit Meadow comes to life with dazzling wildflowers. Can you believe I found this completely covered in thick snow when I drove the road on opening day?

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