Pohono Bridge Photos – An Understated Park Icon

Without a doubt, this scenic, stone bridge near the valley entrances often gets put aside for more famous landmarks nearby. However, photographers (especially) should make it a point to stop and snap some pics. Speaking of which, here are my favorite Pohono Bridge photos through the seasons.

Pohono Bridge Photos - Fall Colors in trees
Pohono Bridge Autumn Colors


I’d say late October is my favorite time to photograph here. As you can see, the Maple and Dogwood trees are golden yellow, providing a nice color contrast with the emerald Merced River flowing under the bridge.

River rocks and fall colors around pohono bridge - long exposure
Tranquil river scene in fall

I brought my polarizer and ND filters for this shot. This enabled me to bring out the vibrant colors, as well as capture a smooth water effect with a long shutter speed.

Of course, these pictures were taken just as the leaves started turning, so I captured some vibrant greens mixed in with the yellows. I’m sure it’s obvious why I think Pohono Bridge is the most scenic in the park…

Baby maple tree in October - pohono stone bridge
Baby maple tree in October

Due to its proximity to the roadside, this (little) Big Leaf Maple is probably the most photographed in all of the Sierra. Haha. I was incredibly lucky to capture this long exposure with very little wind…otherwise the leaves would be all blurry.

Winter – Pohono Bridge Photos

Pohono Bridge Photos - Winter snow on road
Snow covered road passing over Merced River

A snowy bridge scene is also quite scenic. That’s why I’d say December through February is my second favorite time to shoot here. You do need to plan carefully, though. Snow on the valley floor doesn’t usually last long. It pays to arrive just after a (cold) winter storm. Don’t forget your tire chains…

Stone arch with fresh blanket of winter snow.
Snowy riverbanks + arch bridge

Here’s another long exposure, with powdery snow-covered rocks adorning the riverbanks.

If you visit the bridge later in summer, you’ll find the river is lower, and of course there won’t be any oranges and yellows in the leaves. Or snow, for that matter. Still beautiful, though….if you can fight the crowds for parking spot nearby!

Pohono Bridge was built in 1928, making it almost 100 years old. Let’s hope this beautiful park icon makes it at least 100 more!

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