Yosemite Valley Views: Iconic High Sierra Scenes

While looking up at Half Dome is great, there’s nothing like hiking up and looking back down at epic Yosemite Valley views. Enjoy this small collection of photos I took at various vantage points around the park.

Half Dome & Granite High Country, Taken From North Dome

The picture above was taken during the hike to North Dome, off Tioga Pass Road. This is an angle of Half Dome that I’ve never seen before, though I don’t think it does this iconic landmark justice.

Although you have to be prepared for icy road conditions, Yosemite Valley views in winter can be really striking. This photo was taken just after a cold winter storm had cleared up.

Bridalveil & Half Dome valley views in December snow
Snow Covered Half Dome & Bridalveil Fall, with Low Winter Flow

Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photograph of the valley from this vantage point. It’s not far from the parking lot at Tunnel View….

Yosemite Valley Views through mazanita trees near Glacier Point Road
Yosemite Valley View in spring, through Manzanita branches

While the hike to Upper Yosemite Falls almost killed me, some of the best views I’ve ever seen in the park were certainly worth it.

Half Dome View, During Upper Yosemite Falls Hike

View From The Road

Many tourists are in a hurry to get down to the valley floor. However, keep your eye out just after you pass through the Highway 120 tunnel – you’ll see this incredible view of Bridalveil and the Merced River Canyon.

Merced River Canyon and Flowing Bridalveil Fall from Viewpoint on Highway 120
Bridalveil Fall and Merced River Canyon in May, From Highway 120

This shot was taken from the trail above North Dome. Even though this hike wasn’t nearly as brutal as upper Yosemite Falls, it’s still nothing to shake a stick at – especially in the heat of late summer.

View of Yosemite Valley from North Dome Trail
Looking Down on North Dome & Sweeping Yosemite Valley View

Here’s a tight zoom of Bridalveil Fall and Half Dome in all their spring glory – taken from Tunnel View. The water flow of the falls was especially heavy on this warm May day, and the passing clouds made for a dramatic black and white scene.

Bridalveil Fall Heavy Flow - Black and White
Dramatic Bridalveil Fall Flowing in Spring – B&W

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