Bridalveil Fall Photos

While Bridalveil isn’t the tallest waterfall in Yosemite, it is perhaps the most famous. This is due to it’s prominent location near the valley entrances. Whether coming from highways 41, 140, or 120, it is the first landmark many visitors see. Please enjoy this collection of Bridalveil Fall photos.

Bridalveil Fall & Yosemite Valley - Black & White from Tunnel View
Incredible Bridalveil Fall & Yosemite Valley – Black & White

As usual, I’m mostly posting spring photos, as this is when the water flow is highest. I always assumed Bridalveil got it’s name because the falls resemble a bride’s veil…turns out I was half correct.

Bridalveil Fall in spring, taken from Northside Drive turnout
Bridalveil Fall in spring

Apparently it got the name because when the wind blows the mist, it resembles a Bridalveil blowing in the breeze.

Bridalveil View and Dogwood Tree Blooms in spring - Southside Drive Road
Bridalveil View and Dogwood Tree Blooms in spring

I took the above photo along Southside Drive in early May. As you can see, this was a great time to be here. The Pacific Dogwoods were blooming alongside the beautiful, flowing falls.

Heavy spring flow, taken from Southside Drive Viewpoint
Heavy spring flow

The parking lot for Bridalveil fills up quickly, especially in the busy summer months of June, July, and August. Tip: There is a small turnout right near the lot entrance. If cars are backed up waiting, you can just park in the turnout and start hiking to the falls.

Bridalveil Fall Telephoto zoom, from above at Tunnel View - March
Bridalveil Fall Telephoto zoom – from Tunnel View

The picture above appears to be taken from above, and nearby. However, it was actually taken from quite far away at Tunnel View. While most photographers in Yosemite focus on wide angle lenses for landscapes, a telephoto zoom lens can also be priceless.

Merced River with waterfall Fall in May - Bridalveil Fall photos
Merced River with Bridalveil Fall in May

Here is a beautiful shot of Bridalveil’s spring flow, alongside the scenic Merced River. It was taken from a viewpoint turnout on Northside Drive.

Bridalveil Fall Photos – Low Season

In contrast, here’s a photo of the Bridalveil Fall flow in September. As I have mentioned before, the water flow is much lighter in the autumn and winter seasons.

Bridalveil Fall Low Flow Months of September & October
Low Flow Months of September & October

Although Yosemite’s waterfalls may not look as good at this time, low flow can actually improve long exposure shots. Especially helpful when you want to see more detail in the cascade.

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