Nevada Fall Photos

Although it’s quite a hike to the top on the Mist Trail, hopefully my Nevada Fall photos will motivate you to make the effort. To be honest, I did this hike in late summer, and it was early evening by the time I made it to the top.

Nevada Fall Photos - Long Exposure With Merced River
Nevada Fall Long Exposure With Merced River

Not the best time for shooting, and I suspect this waterfall looks better with a heavier flow in spring or early summer. I only hiked here once. However, luckily I do have a few more options below from another vantage point…

Nevada Fall Photos From Glacier Point

Nevada Fall & Liberty Cap

I actually had more luck taking photos from above at Washburn Point, along Glacier Point Road. From here I zoomed in quite far, and the flow was heavier at this time in June. Here you’ll see Liberty Cap prominently displayed next to the waterfall.

Nevada Fall and Vernal Fall From Glacier Point

The shot above was taken a bit closer to Glacier Point, and I enjoy this angle because it allowed for both Nevada and Vernal Fall in the same frame. As a matter of fact, this is the only set of two falls visible at once (that I know of) in the park.

Nevada Fall Peaking Through the Trees - portrait
Nevada Fall Peaking Through the Trees

Just a fun pic of the falls peaking through the forest, with a bit of bokeh. If you could see how wide this scene really is, you’d appreciate my 600mm zoom as much as I do! In situations like this it really pays to have this kind of reach.

Nevada Fall, Liberty Cap, and Mt Florence - portrait
Nevada Fall, Liberty Cap, and Mt Florence

This picture also shows Liberty Cap, but includes other peaks such as Mt Florence and even Mt. Lyell, slightly to it’s right. I believe Mt. Lyell was the highest peak in the U.S. until Alaska became a state, and Mt. McKinley took the title.

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