Yosemite Wedding Shoots & Engagement Photos

This is a service that’s still in the works. However, I love the idea of putting my group and portrait photography background to use in such an incredible location. If I receive enough requests for them, I will certainly put some Yosemite wedding shoots together for perspective couples.

- Engagement & Yosemite Wedding Shoots, coming soon

What qualifies me, you ask? Well, I started shooting groups at schools around California 20 years ago. Then I began doing portraits in 2009.

Add to this multiple decades of extensive landscape photography, and you have the perfect recipe for dynamic, memorable engagement & wedding shoots. How could your big day get any better than documenting it in one of the most beautiful and inspiring valleys in the world?

We could do a spring shoot, when the waterfalls are in full force, and the dogwood trees are in bloom. Or a winter shoot in the pristine valley snow.

Scenic Locations – Yosemite Wedding Shoots

Some of my favorite locations within the park come to mind. There are options such as the scenic overlooks at Tunnel View, Taft Point, Valley View Yosemite, and Glacier Point. Also stunning could be the summer meadows full of wildflowers, or the granite rock cathedrals of Tioga Road’s high country.

I suppose we could get creative for the most ambitious of couples. How about a backcountry wedding shoot, or a photo series for rock climber couples? The possibilities are endless.

I’m sure there are some rules and restrictions I would need to familiarize myself with before our shoot. Don’t be dismayed, though. I know it’s possible to shoot in this beautiful place, because I’ve seen countless couples wayyy too overdressed for these dusty trails. Haha.

As mentioned previously, these services are still in the pipeline. However, please to contact me to express interest. If I’m not overseas, I’d love to help put something magical together for you.

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