Yosemite Bears Photos – The Danger is Overhyped

Consider yourself lucky if you see one of the largest park residents. Although their fur is clearly brown, these are actually black bears. Due to the fact that they’ve never killed a single park visitor, I think they’re dangerous reputation is underserved. Here are some choice photos of Yosemite bears

Mama Black Bear & Cubs - Yosemite bears photos
Mama Bear & Cubs (1 Hidden)

How lucky I was on this particular day. I was actually set up on these boulders, shooting pics of a great blue heron and some elegant waterfalls. Suddenly a voice behind me warned of approaching bears. That’s right, not just one, but a mama bear & cubs!

As a matter of fact, they were heading right for me, as I was actually blocking their path! No worries, I simply moved aside and they made their way up the river past us tourists. I was fortunate to snap these photos before they disappeared , though.

Light Brown (Black Bear) Cub Near Merced River Boulders
Cute Bear Cub

While I have seen black bears in other parts of the Sierra, I haven’t seen all that many in Yosemite.

Black Bear Sighting #2 – Yosemite Bears Photos

Another sighting was also in this same area. It was a huge male I think, walking through the creek at the base of the Cascades, on El Portal Road. I was heading straight for him, and happened to look up just in time to scare him away up the canyon.

It was dusk, and I was losing light rapidly. This bear sighting didn’t deter me from taking my waterfall photos, though I have to admit there was something a bit unnerving about being in a small, dark canyon which was clearly home to such a large carnivore. I ended up shooting long exposures in front of a cave that had giant piles of bear poop around it!

Just to be safe, I yelled out from time to time – hoping my loud noises would be enough to keep a hungry bear preparing for winter at bay. Haha.

Anyway, do have a look at my main Yosemite wildlife photo album for more…

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