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I know I keep saying it with the countless animals I encounter in the high country, but why are they so unafraid of humans?? Could it simply have to do with a lack of exposure to humans year round at these elevations? Anyhow, here are four of my favorite yellow bellied marmot photos.

I don’t know why, but these curious, beaver-looking animals just make me laugh. This one was seen just off the hiking trail to Mt. Hoffman from May Lake. He didn’t seem bothered by me much at all. He was just hanging out, foraging around these exposed, wind swept sections of rocky peaks.

- Yellow Bellied Marmot photos

I followed him closely, closing the gap between us at a nice, leisurely pace. Of course, I used my Canon superzoom to get these tight shots along the way. It’s quite remarkable just how far you can push this little camera…

- Yellow Bellied Marmot photos
Marmot foraging in Yosemite

More Info – Yellow Bellied Marmot Photos

Handsome feller, eh? What a nice headshot. These animals are actually the largest members of the squirrel family – and are also known as rock chucks. (Think woodchuck). their scientific name is Marmota flaviventris, and their range is really quite extensive.

In fact, they must be relatively common – I’ve seen them on numerous occasions in Tioga Road’s high country. Also further south near Mammoth Lakes, if I’m not mistaken. They have a unique, high pitched squeaking call you might hear in the mountains if you pay attention.

Not sure if you share my appreciation for these friendly (but goofy) animals yet. Perhaps you at least have some kind of idea how I could find them so endearing, though.

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